How to Play Angry Birds: Tutorial
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Is this your first time playing Angry Birds? Are you confused on what to do and its mechanics? Here is an easy procedure on how to play this mind-boggling yet enjoying game by Rovio. The plot and everything that a newbie must know are listed on this tutorial.

Most Important Mechanics of the Game

The essential thing that you must know about this game is that all you have to do is to smash all the enemies (evil pigs, and marmosets) by slinging those Angry Birds. It depends on you on how you are going to shatter those ugly pigs either you hit them directly or make their hiding places fall into them.

In every level you are given a limited number of birds to shoot into the enemy territory. By limiting the numbers of Angry Birds that you used, you will gain more additional points. So creativity and innovativeness in shooting will get you something and makes you move forward to the game.

Stars and Points

In each level, killing and smashing pigs plus their territory (made of materials like woods, boulders, ice, and many more) will score points.

Finishing a level with a low score will gain a star, 2 stars requires you to effort by scoring little high while 3 stars needs you some tricks to accomplish. Here are examples how to gain three stars. You may follow our Angry Birds Walkthrough page.

Angry Birds and Evil Pigs

The story started because those evil pigs wanted to eat the eggs of those Birds. They snatched those pitiful eggs and after that evil pigs and Angry Birds are on war.

There are many types of Angry Birds and Evil Pigs. You can find more info on these For more info on these Angry Birds characters here.  

Evil pigs also wear something to make them hard to crack like metal helmets, crowns, and many more. They usually hide inside a base which makes them hard to hunt. What you must do is to find logical ways to smash those barriers together with them inside.

Achievements and Accomplishments

In games there are so many tasks that must be finished and by making it done comes with prizes and awards. Angry Birds won’t bore you because it has so many things to accomplish and special awards to attain. You can find Angry Birds Awards and Achievements here.

Angry Birds Games

Here is a list of Angry Birds Games.

  1. Angry Birds – Currently playable on 11 platforms like iPhone and Android Phones.
  2. Angry Birds Rio – The setting is in Rio and already has 2 updates Beach Volley and Carnival Upheaval. Two more updates are planned to release in October and November.
  3. Angry Birds Seasons – Already has 5 seasons to offer namely Easter Eggs, St. Patrick’s Day entitled “Go Green, Get Lucky”, Valentines Day named “Hogs and Kisses”, Trick or Treat, and Season’s Greedings.
  4. Angry Birds Chrome – This one is playable if you are using the Browser Google Chrome.

Are you enthusiastic now to start and play the game? You may want to watch first the trailer as an appetizer before you start your adventure to the world of Angry Birds. Enjoy!

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