How to Beat Angry Birds
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Many are addicted to Angry Birds. Many are also frustrated when they get stuck on a level. Well, here are some tips on how to beat Angry Birds so you don’t have to call an anger management hotline. 

Basically, the objective of the game is to defeat the pigs and find the golden eggs. Though to get the bragging rights, you want to get those 3 stars. The calculation for the 3-star ratings is based on points.

Destruction Counts

You may kill all the pigs but you may not always get 3 stars because damage of the structure is considered in the scoring. So, keep in mind that destruction counts and you’ll get more 3 star ratings in the process.

Saving the birds sometimes is lesser in points than striking fruits in a deep hole. Though if possible use few birds as each bird you haven’t launched will earn you 10,000 points.

Keep Track of the Slingshot Trail 

Don’t just pullback the slingshot and fire away. Try to pay attention to it and you will find it easier to beat the hard level you’re stuck on.

Familiarize with the Birds 

Well, they are your weapons and you must know their abilities. You can read our previous post entitled Angry Birds Characters Guide for more info on the birds. This will help you use them to your advantage.

Keep on Trying

Don’t give up. Experiment with your shots, with the birds and what not. Patience is a virtue. Also, keep your eye on the golden eggs.

Check Walkthroughs

You can find walkthroughs on video sites like YouTube. We have a separate section for Angry Birds Walkthrough on our site, if you want a shortcut.

Image courtesy of Emerson Alecrim on Flickr.


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