Angry Birds Theme Song with Lyrics
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With or without an official theme song, people would definitely still love Angry Birds game. How about a full version of the song with lyrics? Well, better watch the video first before judging it!

This video got mixed reactions from YouTube and didn’t get the attention that it truly deserved. It was sung by the new group, The Bundies. Although the lyric does not exactly tell the story of Angry birds, the music is based from the original theme song.

According to commenter SteelXeno, “This song is about angry birds, as in angry females that just happen to use the theme from a game with the same title. Clever and good song.” Rovio Mobile did not release any statements with regards to the claim of M3 records and The Bundies if this is really the official theme song of Angry Birds.

Image courtesy of FLI BAM XI on Flickr.

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