YouTube Interactive 3D Angry Birds Game
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If you guys like YouTube interactive videos, then you have to see this one. Polcan99 uploaded this 4 video clips last May. Since then, it has already accumulated more than 2 million hits. The uploader definitely knows the easiest way to get people’s attention… Angry Birds game!

These interactive videos are a bit different from what people used to see in YouTube. Not only you decide the outcome of the event, but the chance of killing those pigs is in your hands. It is like playing the real Angry Birds game, but in a more exciting way since it’s in 3D and involves real humans.

Let’s start! Check this video and start playing the game.

At the end of the clip, you will be given two choices. Who do you think can beat the pigs? Destorm or JReyez? In case you can’t decide, just watch it both.

By now, maybe you’re already a little frustrated that those pigs are still alive. I hope you followed the instruction at the end of the video and listened carefully to what Polcan99 has said.

Oh, and just in case you can’t kill the pigs, visit our forum ( and I will show you the video on how they met their horrible, yet funny death!

Videos courtesy of Polcan99 on YouTube.

Image courtesy of Chris Hedgate on Flickr.

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